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What are the details of the session?

The location of your session is entirely up to you. I will come to your home, meet you at a public park or you are welcome to come to my home.  However, as a natural light photographer, I require a large amount of natural light to create a successful portrait. For outdoor settings open shade is a must.  Please plan on early morning or late afternoon. The sitting fee is due at the time of booking.


What is a Regular Session vs a Mini Session?

Regular sessions are just that. You get as much time as we need, you may have several wardrobe changes and you will be provided with an online gallery from which to make your selections.


A Mini Session is something I offer only several times a year. You cannot request a Mini Session. It is kind of like a sale. I offer these typically around the holidays and are intended for those clients who don't need a ton of images or just want that one shot for your holiday card. They only last 25 minutes so it's VERY important to be on time for these because I line clients up every 30 minutes. You will get appox 12 images to choose from and you get 3 free with the session on a CD. I do offer the entire session on CD for an additional charge. I offer these around other holidays such as Easter and Halloween because really, do you need 90 images of your child holding a bunny or in their Buzz Lightyear costume? :)


What if I am running that okay?

I realize that life gets hectic with kids, work, etc... but if you think you are going to be more than 20 minutes late, we will need to reschedule as likely I have another session booked after you. As mentioned before, if it is a Mini Session, you cannot be late.


What do we wear?

Clothing is a very important component to a successful portrait. Shy away from white unless your child/children have dark skin. It tends to wash kids out. Avoid large logos and prints on clothing. Jeans always work well for kids. Dresses are always beautiful on girls. Newborns and babies are often best photographed au naturel. Unless your child is older, avoid straps... they will only fall over or off the shoulder. And large collars are really note a good idea. In fact, no collars until the child can walk. If more than one subject is being photographed make sure everyone is dressed similarly. Don’t shy away from color! Bright blues, greens, pinks, etc... are beautiful - just keep it simple. Bring fun hats, boots, scarves or anything that is "your" child! Feel free to bring multiple outfits. And if you still need help, I can email you some sample family images.


Do you mind if my mom or my husband takes a quick picture?

Yes, I do mind :) It is distracting to the child and to me when the subject doesn't know which camera to look at. Please, no other cameras during the session.


When will I get my proofs?

All proofs are presented to the client approximately THREE weeks (or sooner) after the session date in an online proofing gallery. Weddings will be SIX weeks or sooner.  Online galleries provide a great way for family and friends to view and order prints. The proofs will stay available for ordering for 14 days and then will be automatically purged.  Proofs can be republished for an additional seven days for a charge of $20. If I put any of your proofs on My HRH Photography Facebook page, you are welcome to tag yourself. If you share any images, they must contain my logo, name and or website information.


Can I get that image in color?

Images are "as is". I spend alot of time perfecting each image as I see it best. If an image is shown in both color and black and white, then you can choose either or both.


How do I order my photos?

You can order your photos or products by going to my website and clicking on "ordering". Orders will not be placed until payment is received in full. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prints.  Checks should be made out to HEATHER HORTON.  Payment via PayPal or via Credit Card is also available.


Can you edit my photo?

Yes, of course. I will edit the ovious pimple, bruise or scratch off your childs face. But if you bring your child to a shoot with a messy nose and cheese in their teeth, I cannot edit each image without charging an additional editing fee. Editing takes 90% of my time so the cleaner the kids, the easier the editing. So editing is free unless you stick a goldfish in your kids mouth as I take the shot :)



HRH Photography reserves the right to use any picture in any form such as, but not limited to use in advertising, reproduction, and copyright. It is illegal to copy any images of HRH Photography (whether purchased or not). Prices are subject to change without notice.